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"Being put together without trying."

We do custom fit & permanent jewelry!

Let's get started finding YOUR perfect piece...

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Express yourself in a unique way with our custom-fit, high-quality chains and charms.

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Make lasting memories together with family or friends for a special occasion or just because!

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We custom fit each piece individually and guarantee your satisfaction.

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Why Choose Us

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Our product is personalized to meet your individual needs and preferences.

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The jewelry you purchase from us is designed to last for many years, and we are committed to ensuring your satisfaction with your purchase. We source from highly reputable distributors that require a wholesale license to purchase.

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We prioritize safety in a stylish environment and take measures to ensure both.

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We offer a high-quality jewelry collection made from .925 sterling silver, 14K gold-filled, 14K rose gold-filled materials and crystals. Our collection includes a variety of beautiful chains and charms.




What is permanent jewelry? It is clasp-less chains that are welded together with a micro-welder. Ours is the Orion mPulse by Sunstone created to be safe for use in permanent jewelry.


Does permanent jewelry hurt? It absolutely does NOT hurt. We will take extra care to ensure every step in your process is comfortable.



What metals do we use? We source the finest metals in a variety of colors and styles. We use 14K gold-filled, sterling silver, 14K rose gold-filled and others. We have a wide range to suit everyone's tastes.


What if my chain breaks or stretches? We will repair your piece based on our warranty policy.


Where can I put my permanent jewelry? We can do bracelets, anklets, necklaces, rings, toe rings, waist chains, purse chains and Stanley Cup chains. We offer charms to mix and match and personalize your creativity.


What if I need to take it off? At some point you may need to have surgery, or a MRI. You may be required to take it off. Re-welds are $10.

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Orion mPulse 30

& Argon Gas Tank & Tools

The fun of opening new items

Warranty & Care

Two-toned Minimal Chains

Once your chain is cut all sales are final.

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Quality of our chains and charms

Although our products are of high quality, they are not indestructible. Please exercise caution when using perfumes, lotions, and chemicals, as we cannot be held responsible for any tarnishing or discoloration.

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Sizing and breakage

Our policy guarantees that we will fix any jump ring breakage or a repairable chain breakage within 60 days of purchase. Resizing down is free. Making it bigger will require purchasing a charm. Please note that we are not responsible for broken, lost or stolen chains or charms.

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Skin sensitivity & medical

A few people have higher ph or acidic skin that may result in skin discoloration. Rubbing alcohol will clean your skin. We are not responsible for skin issues. If you must remove your piece for surgery or MRI in the first 60 days, no charge after 60 reweld fee $10.

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How to clean your jewelry

Sweat, body oils, dirt and daily life can build up on your piece of jewelry.

To clean use a lash spoolie or soft toothbrush and a bit of Dawn dish soap. Rinse and pat it dry.

Polish the item with a polishing cloth to finish and give it a final shine.



Stand Out at Your Next Party:

Tips for planning a memorable event

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Reasons you need permanent jewelry

It is dainty jewelry for everyday wear.

It will be your new favorite jewelry. It's addictive.

Remember the last time you struggled with the clasp?

You customize your piece - charm & fit.

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab a friend and make a memory together!!


Price listed is based on our bracelet price & metal choice

Sterling Silver


14K Gold-Filled


Anklet add $15 - Necklace add $45 for up to 18 inches

14K Rose Gold-Filled


Crystal Chain


Specialty Chain




Ring Stack (3)

Reg Chain $60

Crystal $75

Toe Ring or Ring

Reg Chain $25-30

Crystal $30-40

Kids under 8

Bracelet/Anklet Reg Chain $40

Bracelet/Anklet Crystal Chain $55

Necklace Reg Chain $70

Necklace Crystal Chain $85

Pricing subject to change based on metal prices

The name Pinks Links was chosen because when my daughter was a baby she always put her pinkies up. I nicknamed her pinky and over time it morphed into Pinks.

Plus, pink is my favorite color!

Hello, I'm Jenn, &

this is Pinks Links


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Some things are more fun done together so grab your best friend, mom, sister, neighbor, co-worker or just come by yourself.